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Portuguese language classes are structured learning sessions designed to help you acquire proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding Portuguese. These classes can be taken in various formats:

1. In-Person Classes: These are traditional settings where you attend lessons in a physical location.

2. Online Classes: Conducted over the internet, online classes offer flexibility in scheduling and the ability to learn from anywhere. They can be 1:1, 1:2 or group sessions via Zoom.

A typical Portuguese language class include:

Grammar Instruction: Learning the rules of sentence structure, verb conjugation, tenses, gender, and agreement.
Vocabulary Building: Expanding your vocabulary through themed lessons and context-based learning.
Listening Comprehension: Engaging with audio materials, dialogues, and recordings to improve your understanding of spoken Portuguese.
Speaking Practice: Participating in discussions, role-playing, and conversations to practice speaking in real-life scenarios.
Reading Exercises: Reading texts, articles, and stories to improve reading comprehension skills.
Writing Assignments: Completing writing tasks such as essays, emails, and short paragraphs to enhance your writing abilities.
Cultural Insights: Learning about Portuguese-speaking cultures, traditions, and customs to better understand the context of the language.

When selecting Portuguese classes, consider factors like your learning goals, preferred learning style, budget, and available time. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Portuguese classes can provide a structured and guided approach to language learning.

I believe that tutoring isn't just a profession, for me it’s a mission to help people achieve their potential.

Qualification and Experience


I have attended João de Deus University in Lisbon and I also hold a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) recognised by the National College for Teaching and Leadership UK.


I have been working as a teacher, and as an Examiner for UK examination boards: Cambridge Assessment International Education & Pearson Education.

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"Since September 2019 I have been studying Portuguese with Ana. Group online sessions are fantastic. Very motivating and good pace! Would definitely recommend joining Ana’s lessons if you want to work on your Portuguese!"

- Marloes Molinger -

"Dedicated, kind and gentle but thorough in approach to cover written, listening skills and spoken Portuguese language skills. This lady comes eagerly recommended!"

Melissa Patterson

“Thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Ana. We cover a variety in each lesson so that we're developing our listening, writing, reading and speaking each time. She listens to recommendations and requests put forward so the lessons link to personal use as well. thank you Ana!”

- Chloe Lander -

“Ana is currently doing Portuguese lessons via Skype with my 10 year old son. We are moving to Portugal later this year and already he has learnt so much from her. Ana is a fantastic teacher and he looks forward to his lesson every week”

- Charlie Rodrigues -

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